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Pre-owned Outboard Engines

Good quality outboards taken in part-exchange against new Yamaha engines are put through our workshops and are thoroughly soak-tested before going on sale.

We also act as brokers for owners who want to sell their own outboards privately so we often have a number of such motors on our premises. These are not tested by us and do not have any form of warranty unless the owner is prepared to offer one.

Second-hand engines are an inexpensive, yet cost-effective, way to start your boat owning experience. Although you will probably love the independence and freedom your own boat gives you, you may not want to invest too heavily at the outset. Buying second-hand gives you a chance to try it out for a season and then decide what the future holds. If it wasn't quite what you expected, or you have some other reason for giving it up, you haven't lost a huge amount. And there's always the chance we still may be able to offer you some recompense by taking the motor off your hands. In practise, we usually find that any buy back is set against a new outboard for the following season. That's the magical appeal of the River Dart working in everyone's favour.

Used outboards come and go throughout the year, sometimes as part of a complete boat package so bookmark us and visit regularly to see what's new.

If you live in the area, or if you are passing through, please feel free to stop off and view our current engine selection. We will always be pleased to see you. Click here for travel directions.

Used engines you can rely on.

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Used outboards are an inexpensive lead into boat ownership
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